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Morskie Oko pond in Zakopane

A few days ago I wrote about trekking to Ornak (here) and this time we'll stay in Zakopane as well, but I'll take you to one of the most astonishing places in the Tatra Mountains.
Morskie Oko. The pond that's not only easy to reach but also placed in a unique scenery. Surrounded by mountains reflecting in water. Something amazing! As if sunrays danced on the surface of water...

The pond is the biggest one in the Tatras. It looks great mostly because it changes during the day depending on light. That's why, if it's possible, spend the whole day there - surely you won't regret it. Or even better. Stay for a night in a hostel viewing the pond. I'm sure you won't miss the sunrise and sunset then. And you'll never forget your stay in Zakopane :)

One important thing you must know. You cannot drive to the pond. The traffic is strictly forbidden, so to walk is the only way to get there. How long does it take? You need to overcome about 10 kilometres mostly asphalt road (ok, if you cannot walk so much, you can pay for a horse carriage). 

Unfortunately, the pond attracts so many tourists, that's better to leave home early. There is a big car park nearby but the later you come, the more problems you can have with finding some space. You can also
take a bus from the centre of Zakopane, which, especially in summer, seems to be a better idea. Choose "Morskie Oko direction", get off near the car park and... prepare for a long walk. And, of course, remeber that early mornings in Polish mountains can be quite cold.

Some basic facts:
Morskie Oko pond is located at a height of 1395 metres over the sea level. Its area is about 35 hectacres and depth, in the deepest point, has 50.08 metres. There is a path around the pond so just walk it - one hour should be enough to be back at the hostel. 

Morskie Oko is also the place where some of the popular trails cross (for example, the marked trail to Rysy - the highest Polish mountain or to Five Ponds Valley, known here as Dolina Pieciu Stawow). There are often so many people in the Tatras that you feel like in a busy street!!!

If after walking for ten kilometres you are still not tired, go a bit higher. The Black Pond (in Polish, Czarny Staw pod Rysami) is about an hour from Morskie Oko, but it's also... a must-see!
There are some magic in both places.

<Black Pond... in July 2010 :-)>

How to get back?
Usually, you take the same asphalt road. Unless you decide to go further... and climb a bit!
Just in case, take a map with you :-)

We are planning to go to Morskie Oko soon. When we were last year we just, for some reasons, didn't take too many photos. Only a few... those few that I put here!
But google can be helpful. Look here :-)

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