czwartek, 3 marca 2011

How we got to Rysy...

...I don't know. We were planning to spend a nice day in Zakopane. First we wanted to get to Morskie Oko pond (earlier post: here), then, maybe to Five Ponds Valley?

We took the path around Morskie Oko pond, stopping from time to time to enjoy great views. Suddenly we saw a sign: "Black Pond, 1 hour".
To go or not to go? - that's a question! (Shakespeare would be proud of me ;-)
Why not? - was our quick answer. - What is one hour, anyway?

Soon we were sitting on one of the rocks, thinking, what to do next.
Then I overheard a conversation between two guys. "If we climb a bit higher, we'll see both the lakes from above". 

It could be interesting. So, let's go!

All the time, while we were climbing, we were curious what great views would be there if we were a bit higher. However, we hesitated a little when we saw... chains!

To go or not to go? - that's a question, I know. 
We are not experienced climbers. We are not used to use chains in the mountains. And, what was most important then, we weren't prepared to climb so high. Safety is the most important rule in the mountains, I know. But... the weather was so nice, we weren't tired yet, so we agreed to try. Let's go on! 

From that point it's not so far to the top, about 1,5 hour. In fact, about 1 or 2 p.m. we were sitting on the summit of Rysy. Enjoying amazing views, but also thinking what to do next...

We were on the border between Poland and Slovakia so, after considering all pros and cons, we made a decision to take a different track. Not the one we came, but that through Slovakia. Mostly, because of the crowds. Yes. Hard to believe, but the track to Rysy is very, very crowded. You need to be patient. And often, wait, wait, wait... as there are so many people who want to get to the top. 

We didn't have a map. That was our mistake. We also didn't check the weather forecast (if we did, probably we wouldn't be surprised seeing so much snow!). We only took one bottle of water. OK. We weren't prepared at all!!! 

<Slovakia, of course :-)>

We were... lucky!
There were springs with clear water on the way. The sun was shining all the time so it wasn't cold. The track was pleasant and a lot of people were going down... still, we weren't prepared. Mostly for one thing.

The track from Rysy in Slovakia leads to a car park that is... about 40 kilometres from the Polish border. 
Nice surprise, isn't it?
Especially after climbing all day. 

There are taxi buses. No problem. But we didn't have so much money on (50 euro). 
We were lucky, as I already said. 
The Slovaks are kind and nice people. One of the guys stopped his car and agreed to take us. For free. Because he wasn't going to the border, we got off in a bigger city about 20 kilometres from Poland.
Much closer to our hostel. Still quite far. 
Luckily, the taxi driver took us for 10 euro. He said he was going in the same direction anyway. 

It was a day full of emotions. But we got to Rysy :-)))) 

ps. If you want to try to get to the top, just prepare yourself better. 

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