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The smallest Wroclaw (Breslau) citizens

If you are in Wroclaw, don't forget to visit... dwarfs!
You can find them in many parts of the city. Just be careful, look closely... they can hide!
So you can easily miss one or two.
But they are very characteristic. It's impossible not to notice them at all.
And after a short time you get the impression that they are almost everywhere.

Lovely creatures. I mean, lovely dwarfs.
Simillar but different. Some are sitting on the pavement or window sills, others are hanging somewhere, lying in beds or even riding a motorbike.

How many dwarfs live in Wroclaw?
I counted about 40. Maybe 50.
There are much more. Hard to believe but... more than 120!

Because the website about dwarfs is nice (and also in English!), there is no point in my writing more here.
Take a glimpse: here
And enjoy the virtual dwarf kingdom :)

If you happen to be in Wroclaw and have more time there, buy a "dwarf map" (about 1,5 euro) in a souvenir shop and try to follow all dwarfs. I thought one day would be enough. No way! At least two...

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