poniedziałek, 14 lutego 2011

A short stay in Brzeg (near Wroclaw)

When I first came to Brzeg I thought: is it some kind of punishment?
The city seemed... ugly? Maybe ugly isn't the right word but Brzeg isn't the nicest place to live.
What could you do there?
I had no idea!
No theatres, no big cinemas, no (?) attractions...
"Quite boring holidays are ahead of me" was my second thought.
Boring as hell, I could add ;)
But then I went to do some sightseeing, met some people... and after a few days I fell in love with Brzeg.
It's got its charm, really. You just need to look around.
And go out in the evening...

ps. It's a short introduction to Brzeg - soon there will be more here.
But if you can't wait, visit official Brzeg website (in English, lucky you): here

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