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Wieliczka Salt Mine (near Cracow)

I am back. After a few days' absence.
So let's go to Wieliczka this time :-)

Wieliczka - a town situated about 10 kilometres from the centre of Cracow - is famous in the world mostly for its salt mine. Really impressive one.
The mine is inscribed in UNESCO's First World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage and it's one of the most valuable places in Poland. No way that you could miss it when you are nearby!
There are trains and buses leaving every hour (or even more often) so you don't need a car to get there. Just leave Cracow for a while and discover this amazing salt world: two kilometres of pathways, 20 chambers and a lot of other breathtaking attractions.

Something you won't find anywhere in the world, I suppose.
Have you ever prayed in a salt chapel?
Have you ever eaten in a Miner's Tavern 125 metres underground?
Have you ever been to such a mine at all?
Now you have your chance ;-)

There are a few routes you can take.
The most popular (and I think the best one if you come for the first time to Wieliczka) is the regular tourist route.
First you go down the stairways - to be more precise, about 380 steps down.
Step by step. Down, down, down... until you find yourself 64 metres under the ground.
Now it's time to start visiting the mine. Shafts, chambers, chapels, salt statues and monuments.... all great!
In fact, you finish visiting from 135 metres underground.
But don't worry. The lift takes you up to the surface.

I've been to the salt mine four times so far and never got bored with it.
Each time I discover something new.
Each time I am more and more impressed.
I love all the details... and the mysterious atmosphere of the mine.

One or two things...

The regular tourists route lasts for about three hours. 
The temperature in the mine is about 14°C so you had better take a sweater or something warm to wear. 
After buying a ticket, you need to wait for a tour guide as you mustn't visit the mine on your own.
And if you want to take photos, you need to pay extra (10 zloties I think).

All information needed you'll find here.

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